Talks and Workshops

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”

Lao Tzu

Wellbeing for now and the future

Example workshops and talks:

Managing Your Stress – rejuvenate your mind and body

Taking control of your anxiety today 

Understand Your Mind The Rest  Will Follow

Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership for Professionals (8 week programme)

Mindful Living

Creating meaning and happiness in your life - a positive psychological approach

The Art of Confidence

Public Speaking Made Easy

Be Fearless Be you!

All of these interactions can be underpinned by a Street Wisdom
- where we have the opportunity to slow down and gain inspiration from our everyday surroundings.

Example Workshop: Wellbeing for now and the future

Session 1

Wellbeing – the Fundamentals

  • Learn what wellbeing really is
  • Where does wellbeing come from?
  • Identify the benefits of wellbeing for you and your teams

Session 2

Wellbeing for you

  • Insights from wellbeing survey - your own individual insight
  • Dimensions of wellbeing from positive psychology
  • Developing a growth mindset

Session 3

Strategies and tools for wellbeing

  • Developing your SSRI toolkit (strategies, strengths, resources, insights)

Session 4

Sustainable approach

  • Your action plan (wellbeing development plan)
  • Bringing it to your teams


A toolkit for individuals as well as a resource pack and downloads (for example: Meditation)

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