Change Makers

“The more you strive and search for happiness, the more you overlook the possibility that it is here already”

Nelson Mandela


All of our lives are a journey and so many things have changed in my life hope over to my blogs and social media to find out more. I work with people not illnesses I work with the whole person and their wellbeing.

Key changemakers for me have included:

  • A self care routine with a focus on my wellbeing - mind, body and soul.
  • The wonderful tools and techniques have been life changing for me for example, mindfulness, yoga, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, positive psychology and energy psychology.
  • Wellbeing for me is allowing myself to be happy, healthy and enjoy life everyday.
  • By showing gratitude and compassion in our own lives this then radiates into the universe.

For me wellbeing is about being authentic and real with a focus on mind, body and soul.  

Stress Management

In today’s busy world it is important to consider:

  • How you react to stress?
  • How you manage your stress?

Stress is something that can affect us all at different times in our journey of life.  

It is key to understand and consider where your stress comes from, this might include

  • environment 
  • social stressors (demands for our time and attention) 
  • physiological (lack of exercise) 
  • thoughts 

Assessing our present and future experience can aid stress relief and relaxation.  Stress is neither good nor bad, it is our way of relating to stress that potentially causes us harm.  

Stress operates at various inter-related levels for example: 

  • physiological 
  • psychological and 
  • social levels  

I work with my clients to:

  • learn stress management techniques to stay calm and relaxed in potentially stress inducing situations  
  • solutions and strategies come in the form of various techniques including: positive psychology, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and yoga.  We are then able to create space, awareness and change


Resilience is a key factor for everyone, in a time when we are experiencing rapid change, uncertainty and perhaps personal challenges.

Resilience can be defined as ‘Positive adaptation in the context of significant challenges, variously referring to the capacity for, processes of, or outcomes of successful life-course development during or following exposure to potentially life-altering experiences.’ (Masten, Cutuli, Herbers & Reed).  

I can use a Mental toughness psychometric test (MTQ48) with my clients, which enables clients to identify and better manage stress and improve confidence and resilience in their abilities to manage stress moving forward.

The tool uses the four components of Mental toughness: 

  • control (life control/emotional control)
  • commitment (goal setting, achieving)
  • challenge (risk taking/learning from experience) and
  • confidence (abilities/interpersonal confidence)

I use a variety of stress management and resilience techniques to work with my clients which can include: body awareness, progressive relaxation, visualisation, meditation and coping skills training.  Empowering my clients to develop their own bespoke wellbeing toolkit that works for them 


Confidence is essential for our ability to engage with our world and is a learned skill. 

A lack of confidence can stop us:

  • functioning and engaging with life 
  • living the life we want

Confidence can change through certain periods of our life, situations and circumstances. Building confidence and developing resilience are also important so that we are not affected by other people’s behaviour.

Self esteem is commonly defined as how an individual “estimates” themselves. We all experience low self esteem at some point in our life eg. losing a job, break up of a relationship. But it might be that if you are constantly feeling negative about yourself. This can be feeling bored with life, hopeless depressed and thinking there is nothing exciting to look forward to.

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

What does all this mean? What Have I learned and how do I integrate in my programmes?

The key aspects for me are the following:

Step One – Connection with True Self

The power of self compassion and the power of relationships

Step Two - Creating your vision

The power of gratitude and the power of authenticity

Step Three - Making it happen

The power of self care and the power of wellbeing

Step Four - Embracing positive change

The power of happiness

Step Five - Planning for your future and next steps

The power of connection and community

At Helen Gormley Wellbeing my innovative coaching empowers you to overcome your obstacles so you can change, flourish and reach your goals.

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