Corporate Wellbeing Coaching

“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive”

Jamais Cascio

Are you looking to offer one to one and /or 
group wellbeing coaching to your employees?

I work with both individuals, groups and teams within an organisation and the areas of focus can include resilience, anxiety, performance, managing change and stress management.   All the coaching is underpinned by positive psychological and coaching tools and techniques (can include coaching psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, energy psychology (EFT), cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming and yoga). We can also use various tools and tests eg. Strengths Profile Test, MTQ48  a psychometric test (which measures mental toughness and the outcomes can support the coaching conversation) or a Wellbeing questionnaire.

Is this you or your teams? 

  • stressed
  • overwhelmed
  • reactive
  • anxious
  • stressed
  • trouble relaxing and sleeping?

The benefits of our work together can include:

  • greater clarity and purpose with renewed energy
  • increased personal and professional wellbeing
  • improved focus and performance
  • greater resilience and emotional intelligence
  • clarity, curiosity, connection and a greater openness to life
  • committing to a regular self-care practice for physical and emotional wellbeing  
  • feeling empowered with lifelong resilient type tools to overcome stuckness, fears and anxiety  

An Example Wellbeing Coaching Programme:

  • Coaching over a one-three-six month period which could be face to face, and/or remotely (via Skype). The initial session could be 1 ½ hours and subsequent sessions would be 60 minutes (depending on duration)
  • Included is the completion and report from a psychometric test eg MTQ48 which measures Mental Toughness and resilience. Mental Toughness is best described as a personality trait which determines, in some part, how individuals perform when exposed to stressors, pressure and challenge. The test measures across 4 scales (and two subscales) Challenge, Commitment, Control (Life and Emotional), Confidence (in Abilities and Interpersonal).  Providing a rapid and reliable assessment of an individual’s ability to withstand pressure in the workplace and it gives a reliable indicator of mental toughness in individuals, teams and an organisation    
  • The coaching can empower the individual to develop an individual toolkit with a focus on resilience and stress management ((as an example) strategies, strengths, resources, insights) together with other suggested resources
  • Recordings and meditations (as appropriate)  

Format of Programmes:

  • One to One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops which include Yoga
  • Informal  Sessions
  • Skype Sessions
  • Use of various measures eg. MTQ48 (resilience) and Carrus (careers) (AQR)
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