“When we change and commit to change everything 
around us changes”

Helen Gormley

This Wellbeing Coaching Package is bespoke to you. Let’s break it down:

Through this Wellbeing Coaching Package and the simple steps 
I have developed, you will move to:

  • Become the Architect of your own wellbeing and CEO of your own life
  • Become focused and invigorated for your life
  • Greater clarity on your goals and goal setting
  • Insight and awareness of your life and a sense of purpose  with renewed energy 
  • Feel empowered with lifelong tools to overcome stuckness, fears and anxiety 
  • To let go of what no longer serves you now
  • Supporting and embracing your own unique energy and starting to make positive changes.

How will you benefit. You’ll:

Achieve more than you would by yourself with knowledge and insights

Receive unconditional support and attention 

Create space and time in your life to work through your issues

Gain a greater sense of awareness and wellbeing

Have a plan to navigate your way through current and future changes

Build your resilience and your own toolkit

Receive tools to use beyond our time together to accelerate your life and wellbeing


60 minute discovery session at the start of the package

8 one hour face to face sessions/telephone/skype/zoom sessions 

This package is underpinned by positive psychological tools (coaching, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, energy psychology – emotional freedom technique (EFT), neuro linguistic programming (NLP)

Welcome Pack including four personalised meditations/recordings to kick start your journey of change

All downloads and materials from the sessions

Communication between calls for anything that crops up

Inspirational Gift 

Receive tools and learn strategies to use beyond our time together to accelerate your life and wellbeing

This is a two – four month package

The investment for the Gold package is £1299.00. (Interest free Payment Plans are available)

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12:19 PM - 22 Jan 2019