Embracing Positive Ageing

In the end, it’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years

Abraham Lincoln

Ageing is often positioned negatively and can be perceived as a downward spiral. A recent report’ published by Sunlife - Ageist Britain? (Aug 2019) found that we are bombarded with language, phrases, stereotypical views of what life is like post 50 and casually ageist phrases are being used regularly. Finding that ageism is prevalent is no surprise.

As a result:

  • This can increase negative views and for some reason there can be an implication that life stops, we become invisible or we can’t do certain things
  • Ageism in the media and the workplace can lead to a negative perception of what life is like and might bring a whole set of negative and disempowering assumptions
  • Often the support on offer is disempowering which can further support ageism
  • Ultimately some of this can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy for some individuals

However, there maybe missed opportunities and instead we could be seizing a remarkable opportunity that working with all generations presents. We are and can live longer well. This is inspiring and empowering which can improve all of our lives and society more broadly.

Positive News - there is so much to celebrate

  • today we are ceasing the wonderful opportunity to grow old well
  • greater opportunity and insight into how to embrace uncertainty and personal change
  • more and more evidence to show that we are taking control of our own ageing and want to live life fully
  • excitingly we can find ourselves growing into new possibilities investing in what really matters to us in terms of our life including our relationships - one life with no rules hurrah!
  • we’re living in an age of an abundance of medical research we know more about the human body and mind

For example, we are in control of our wellbeing and there are certain positive changes that can elevate and improve our life now and in the future

Taking control of our Wellbeing - what does that look like?

  • rejecting the traditional notion of midlife, ageing and choosing to live life very differently
  • being more active, resourceful and assertive in advocating change and creating the life they want
  • increasing evidence to show that if we are more optimistic and have a sense of purpose we can change our experience and embrace the future positively
  • for example, scientists at Harvard and Boston university recently concluded that by being optimistic you can extend your life by 14.9% on average

Our Wellbeing Programme

At Helen Gormley Wellbeing we see it as a period of growth, opportunity, reconnection and fun. Hence the creation of a transformational programme called Embracing Positive Ageing.

You’ll move to:

  • embrace a positive attitude, gratitude and a more optimistic outlook
  • positive plan for the future and sense of purpose
  • greater clarity and purpose to engage fully in you life
  • increased freedom of movement in your body and mind
  • increase social connection
  • adopt a growth mindset to try new things
  • strengthen your cognitive function
  • increase feelings of resilience and confidence
  • feel good about yourself your wellbeing and the future
  • ultimately take control of your ageing journey and be your authentic self

By learning practical evidence based tools to support you through change and transitions ultimately to promote a feeling of happiness and wellbeing for now and the future.

Our Six Step Programme

The programme draws on coaching, positive psychology, mindfulness, yoga and neuroscience to present a toolkit for your wellbeing. All of our programmes are developed from the PERMA model of wellbeing created by Martin Seligman in 2011 which encompasses: positive emotion, relationships, accomplishment, engagement, meaning and we also include vitality.

With a clear focus on your emotional wellbeing, psychological functioning and social and physical wellbeing.

Embracing Positive Ageing in Six Steps:

Let’s break it down within the programme there are six steps you will:

  • Explore ageing the myths, realities and your own truth
  • Understand and embrace your own positive ageing journey to improve your life and wellbeing
  • Retrain your brain to be more positive, calm and optimistic
  • Recognise and tune into your strengths and abilities
  • Create and embrace a positive plan and vision moving forward
  • Learn and takeaway evidence based approaches to empower you now and in the future (including mindfulness and yoga)

How you will benefit, let me explain:

  • achieve more than you would by yourself with knowledge, insight and in a fun group setting
  • receive unconditional support and attention
  • gain a more positive outlook now and for the future
  • acquire tools to help you become resourceful, resilient and invigorated
  • develop and grow a greater sense of awareness, connection and wellbeing
  • receive tools to support your positive ageing journey
  • access your full potential

The programme can be delivered over one/two day(s) or six individual sessions

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12:19 PM - 22 Jan 2019