“When we change and commit to change everything 
around us changes”

Helen Gormley

My introductory change programme empowers you to take your first step to change.

Is this you:

  • Would you like to focus on one specific area/issue that you would like to change?
  • Want to start your journey of change in 2019?
  • Impatient and want to begin to navigate your way through change and embrace it rather than avoid it?
  • Ready to commit and start to take control of you life?

How will you benefit, You’ll:

  • learn tools and techniques eg. Meditation to focus on achieving your goal and start to develop your individual toolkit.
  • create space and time in your life to work through your issues
  • focus on your wellbeing and living your life now everyday
  • have a clear plan to navigate your way to find a solution to your presenting issues

Receive tools and meditations to focus on achieving your goal together


60 minute discovery session

2 x 60 minute telephone/skype/zoom

This package is underpinned by positive psychological tools (coaching, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, energy psychology, neuro linguistic programming (NLP))

Downloads to start to develop your individual toolkit


The Investment for the Managing Change First Step Package 
is £450.00 (Interest free Payment Plans are available)

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12:19 PM - 22 Jan 2019