Consultancy In Organisations

“Nothing happens until something moves”

Albert Einstein

What we do?

Provide a wealth of experience in consultancy with organisations to manage change by:

  • delivery of bespoke coaching, education, positive psychology and wellbeing programmes
  • supporting redundancy, relocation and retirement programmes
  • building resilience and mental toughness  (use a psychometric test  called MTQ48 to help measure mental toughness and use the outcomes to support the coaching conversations)
  • wellbeing for individuals and teams

Review existing programmes and deliver a strategic action plan for change.

All of the wellbeing programmes have been created and developed by Helens own personal, professional and training journey including:

  • coaching and coaching psychology
  • change management
  • education and learning
  • psychology 
  • positive psychology
  • mindfulness
  • neuroscience
  • energy psychology and emotional freedom technique (EFT)
  • cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy 
  • neuro linguistic programming (NLP)
  • yoga

The outcomes of these services and programmes can:  

  • improve physical and mental wellbeing 
  • increase productivity 
  • increase resilience and mental toughness
  • develop confidence 
  • reduce illness, stress and anxiety  
  • increase personal and professional wellbeing 
  • build emotional intelligence
  • change cultures with an emphasis on wellbeing for all
  • develop a more positive mindset and attitude – moving from I can’t to I can to We can! 

Where are you?

  • do you want to make positive changes 
  • achieve more and be more productive
  • feel that something is missing and deadlines are being missed
  • your teams seem to be highly reactive and stressed
  • a want to create a more positive and happy culture
  • want to take control, simplify and put wellbeing at the top of the list now

Through working with her clients, seeing so many choose to springboard from, overwhelm and challenge to something greater than they ever thought possible; seeing these moments of feeling stuck, hopeless and fearful as an opportunity for transformation that might not have been possible before. As a result of their work together clients show up fully engaged and flourishing in their lives both professionally and personally.  

Example Wellbeing Programme: Practical Resilience for Today
(bespoke to audience)

Session 1

Resilience – the Fundamentals

  • Learn what resilience really is and what is isn’t
  • Where does resilience come from?
  • Identify the benefits of resilience for you and your teams

Session 2

Resilience for you

  • Insights from MTQ48 – your own individual insight
  • Dimensions of Resilience
  • Growth Mindset

Session 3

Strategies for building resilience

  • Developing your SSRI toolkit (strategies, strengths, resources, insights)

Session 4

Sustainable approach

  • Your action plan (resilience development plan could also introduce yoga)
  • Bringing it to your teams
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