What's Space got to do with the Mind and Body?

Why Space?

More recently and particularly within the last year, personally and professionally I have found that for so many of us the division between our work, play and the space we live in and around appears to have few boundaries.  We may feel constantly connected and on high alert with so much to focus on daily, trying to navigate work, homeschooling and caring as some examples.

Setting the scene

One of my passions is the mind and body integration - somatics, created by Thomas Hanna (1976), to emphasise our inner experience (the space I refer to as within).  From my interest in ancient Greece the word soma comes to mind which means ‘the living body known from within’ or known to the self.  This speaks to my philosophy of embodiment to be able to see the choices we have.  Body awareness is a key part of wellbeing and proprioception of our body in space.  Within my Hellenic Wellbeing Framework, the lens I choose to see through psychologically for our mind and body, space appears as a wonderful connector for the two.

I believe our internal and external space is a central part of our wellbeing and our embodiment.

Let me explain a bit more about space:

  • our mind and body are in constant communication via the brain, peripheral nervous system (somatic and autonomic nervous system, endocrine and immune systems) and they do need space to do this and function


  • it give us freedom to enable change to happen both physically and psychologically


  • it can provide us with the opportunity for awareness to shine the light on the choices we have


  • it let’s our intuition come to the forefront to support our direction of travel


  • the awareness that we can move in a different ways or not at all


  • connecting us to ourselves and each other


Our authentic self can show up in many forms and for me it has been both my my body and mind having this space and time I was then able to reconnect with my truth, myself and my energy. 

This then showed me how I could move forward to fully embrace my life and start to really Dance with Life!


Creating that space?

There is an opportunity to create freedom both internally and externally today.

Some of the ways we create the space is through:  self practices (journalling, yoga, meditation) and collective experiences together and  these can enable us to see choices, opportunity, create capacity, resilience and so much more.

By creating this internal and external space this can then create the necessary  space to heal (reflect, restore, reset and reconnect) and move to growth connecting with the essence of who we truly are.  We can  also create buffers to protect our personal space, energy and to conserve our energy to move forward into the world.


Some Reflections:

Reflecting as a keen dancer I was able to interact with space in a variety of ways, dancing in the kitchen with my daughter over the last year has  certainly reignited my passion for more movement in my life.  Whilst dancing I had the opportunity to stay in one place or I could travel from one place to another.  I could also change the direction, tone, level, size, and pathways of my movements.   

Through this space and time, we realise our personal strengths which can awaken a new appreciation of life, new priorities and possibilities and that feels very very exciting. 

Ultimately, our mind and body combined give us the opportunity to move into our space with happiness, kindness and joy and so much more!


Together we have the opportunity to take control of our own wellbeing now and for the future.

Looking forward to exploring space more with you in my next Blog. 


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