Feeling Fabulous at 51 – My Story Helen Gormley

I celebrated being 51 this month!

This year I am really looking forward to some wonderful celebrations with family, friends and new adventures.

So, what’s all the fuss about turning 50? Surely age is just a number. Is 50 the new 40?

Well not necessarily although having worked with so many wonderful clients I do know, for some it can be.  Personally, I was very mindful of comments like how the children will be out of the way and that things will change.  Everybody’s situation is different.

I’ve started to notice networks advertised for 50 plus and housing for 55 plus but I’m nowhere near retirement and my daughter is not going to be leaving home any time soon. 

My reality is I was a carer for many years, most of my adult life, for my mother and father and that role I continued until July 2018 (I’m an only child) and a parent to a wonderful 8-year-old! 

In order to paint you the full picture I need to do a quick rewind.  When I started trying for a family I was constantly being asked about my mother (who passed away many years ago) and her experience.   After a miscarriage and then conceiving naturally I went to see my midwife and she commented that it was ‘wonderful women of your age having children’.  I was in total shock and thought to myself let’s change all of this negativity. I was very grateful that through my meditation and self-hypnosis I had a natural water birth.

Why do I mention 51 only because turning 50 years last January felt very challenging and I was struggling to juggle everything that life had presented me with.  My beloved father was terminally ill and I did not feel I should! I felt very sad possibly due to trying to think I could heal him and make him better, I now know  and acknowledge I did the best I could caring for him and holding his hand every step of the way – he died very peacefully during the summer of 2018 after a traumatic illness for him – I learnt so very much and I am eternally grateful for the special journey.

What I have learned is that I am not perfect, whilst I work with so many providing solutions sometimes I am just human I am allowed to grieve and cry! 

Moving into 2019 and embracing my 52nd year I am very excited about the future and working to empower others to embrace wellbeing, change and transform their lives.  I also know that I do feel an increased confidence, less worry about what people think and a real surge of energy to connect more with my dreams. Previously, I really had very little time and space for me during the last twenty years and now I do and that is OK to acknowledge and step into my light I can now prioritise my own wellbeing and self care.

I want to make myself proud and be fun, healthy and inspirational.  One other key takeaway is being real, authentic and ME! And I am grieving, going through the menopause and I have so much I want to share and give to the world.

What am I planning next?   Watch this space….

What’s your story? The good, the bad and the ugly….I would love to hear from you!

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12:19 PM - 22 Jan 2019