Creating your Wellbeing Gratitude Attitude

Gratitude derives from the Latin word gratia meaning gratefulness, grace, or thankfulness.

By adopting a gratitude mindset magical moments of gratitude can start to naturally occur and more frequently.

We can do this by:

  • pausing to create space to appreciate the now and what is here
  • thanking others, ourselves and of course our world
  • showing empathy and saying thank you
  • connecting to it as a practice that one can do consistently e.g.a gratitude journal, meditation, breathing practice
  • sending tokens of love through messages and speaking to people



  • a greater sense of being
  • sense of purpose
  • makes us feel happier
  • facilitates positive emotions
  • a greater sense of social connection

As a result of this commitment to gratitude:

  • our neural pathways strengthen so we start to create this more grateful and happier sense of being
  • we do it automatically without thinking about it becomes part of our being
  • sparking greater curiousity
  • greater sense of awareness of what you're grateful for

We’re able to: 

Explore and look beyond us, our space into the greater space around us -  our community, our tribe, the people we want to connect with.


The workplace - can gratitude hang out here, how and what are the benefits?

Yes it can.    Through our day to day activities.  By focusing on our strengths we can then explore gratitude as a creative inspirational daily tool.   As a facilitator for change and to flow through our entire space.   

If we know what inspires individuals at work then this can help us understand the opportunities to say thank you.

Well yes it can, when we express gratitude it can enhance our:

  • wellbeing
  • creativity
  • relationships
  • productivity
  • motivation
  • confidence

To create a happy purposeful, productive team and environment that cultivates this gratitude feels like a good thing to also be the connector to an organisation’s values.

A greater energy to celebrate our successes and explore how we can overcome our challenges individually, together and as an organisation.

On a personal level, I moved to a new city on lock in lockdown, which I was very grateful to do and to be able to do for work and my family.    Gratitude changes everything and today I am grateful to you for helping to create a wellbeing community together.

Daily Motivation

'So don't wait for the right moment do it now, create gratitude moments today’

'Dance your life, your way Now’

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