Celebrating being 52 Today

I wrote a note this time last year celebrating my birthday and so much more after an amazing year personally and professionally.  I have learnt so much and now more than ever I am embracing my ABC model for me to make positive choices to be Authentic, Brave and Courageous this is time for me to step into who I really am with gratitude for my amazing journey of living, learning and love and so much more.

Some snapshots from the last year:

Yoga - I started the year on a personal journey of yoga teacher training, a gift to myself when my father passed away after caring for him for many years. It was a time to resource, refresh and reconnect with my body.  It was an amazing space to be in and to learn so much from so many wonderful teachers in the wellbeing space, make new friends  and I am so grateful I took a leap outside my comfort zone and allocated the time and resource to do it!  this lead me to appreciate my body, mind and soul at a much deeper level.

Embracing Positive Ageing - Sadly my parents did not age well and I cared for them both,  in a period of twenty years I saw so much that was not well and this has led me to a key area of my work, purpose, interest and so much more.  The positive news is that there is so much to celebrate and yes we are living in a very different world to perhaps other generations before us and everyone’s situation is unique and the chapters of life do change but there is  now greater opportunity to embrace uncertainty and personal change.  My purpose here is to empower others to live an authentic mid to later life with boldness, laughter whilst making meaningful magic along the way.

Change - Some might be thrust upon us, unexpectedly through loss, grief and illness and as a result we can feel isolated, disconnected, overwhelmed, lonely and anxious.  It is at this time and further down the line we might experience growth or we may need to reprioritise certain things in out life including our wellbeing.

Celebrations - The good news there is now more and more evidence to show that we are taking control of our own ageing and want to live life fully - ceasing the wonderful opportunity to grow old well. Excitingly we can find ourselves growing into new possibilities investing in what really matters to us in terms of our life including our relationships - one life with no rules hurrah!   We’re wanting to be more active, resourceful and assertive in advocating change and creating the life they want.   

Here’s to a new year and a new decade enjoy beautiful people! Love to you all.

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12:19 PM - 22 Jan 2019