Yoga for Wellbeing

"Yoga has helped me and many clients regain connection with our internal self… this noticing and befriending sensations in our bodies leads to both change, healing and so much more”.

Helen Gormley

My yoga classes can incorporate my broader wellbeing programmes or be standalone they are flexible, fun, informative after all a healthy body craves a healthy mind and soul and this is accessible for you today. Yoga is for all and everyone.

Is this you:

  • Exhausted, Stressed, Burnt out?
  • Want to focus on your body more but feel you can’t?
  • Scared to try a yoga class as not bendy or want to reconnect with your yoga again?
  • Want to learn a more holistic approach to your wellbeing and to keep fit?

How will you benefit, (there are so many so just a few to entice you now) You’ll:

  • Raise your wellbeing vibration
  • Connect with your authentic self – your own energy and vitality
  • Relieve muscular tension and increase muscle tone and strength
  • Connect with your mind, body and soul
  • Create time, space and awareness for your own self care and wellbeing

What it looks like, let me explain the options:

  • Location - at a local studio or in your own environment/workplace.
  • Style - yoga style can be strong dynamic vinyasa flow, a more gentle vinyasa as well as yin and restorative yoga is also available.
  • Private individual classes are for beginners as well as more experienced yogis.
  • Group classes are for beginners as well as more experienced yogis.
  • My yoga classes can include meditation and I always encourage mindfulness through our moment to moment awareness flowing through the postures.

Ultimately yoga helps us deal with life stresses more positively and encourage healthier life choices. My teaching is led by the needs and requests of my students in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Give it a try and experience it’s amazing wellbeing benefits.

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