I write about many things and not usually about myself and my life but I was drawn to share this one from my heart and after meditating one morning I wrote this.

Sitting In Poole on one Sunday with my father and he said ‘my mouth is difficult to open’ as a result of more intensive radiotherapy he was receiving for skin cancer.

In that moment a huge wave of emotion transported me back to a time seventeen years previously .  My mother had a severe stroke and was given a short time to live and lived for nearly six years.  I remember vividly the consultants words ‘Eve will now be fed through her stomach’.  At that time my mind racing How? Surely she needs to drink water? I didn’t feel able to eat myself.  My memory of always using little swab sticks on her mouth and her tongue – she used to love that so much and would smile and her eyes light up.  That wonderful Southern Irish accent shining through her eyes.  Back to today as I look at my dear father living with cancer, he is so thin and frail.  The tumour is external and very visible.  I look around and feel the same emotion of wanting to make it alright of waving my magic wand! I help and have helped so many why can’t I make it alright?

Eating is what we do? So many emotions but when I reflect of the years I spent with my mother it was truly inspirational, emotional and lots more in the last last six years of her wonderful life.  Such bravery, such kindness everywhere.

None of it is easy but I learnt so much then and continue to now.  Everyday for nearly six years I thought my mother would die at any time and my father too! Fast forward and yes I learnt a lot but still seeing someone you love suffer so much and their own fear! I am still learning but I am also growing as a person thank you Universe! I may be an only child but I also feel very blessed to know I am doing everything I can in this moment now.

My daughter who has just turned seven spent last night was very upset missing her grandfather Henry because she loved him so much and wants to hug him again! (he passed away four years ago).

Life is so very precious and we only have one! I feel so grateful that I have been able to care for my parents for so long and grow so much!

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