Pain Control

Pain is something many people live with daily and there are different types of pain e.g. general somatic pain, visceral pain. It is important to realize there are certain stages in pain control.  The first stage in pain control often involves removing pain-related fear and anxiety and the subsequent stages are:

  • Anxiety management: reduction of fear or anxiety related to pain.
  • Anaesthesia (partial): pain reduced to some degree, accompanied by numbness.
  • Anaesthesia (full): total absence of pain, accompanied by numbness.
  • Analgesia: absence of pain, but other sensations remain i.e. without numbness.

By talking to my clients and explaining things to them in a reassuring and confident manner prior to proceeding with various techniques including: reassurance, direct suggestion, mental imagery, mental relaxation, glove anaesthesia, touch, control panel, dissociation and trigger words/anchors and self hypnosis. The techniques will help clients to manage pain.

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