Weight loss for life – Hypnodieting

For weight loss, for life

The philosophy
Hypnodieting is based on a concept of mindfulness that recognizes thoughts and the thinking process as the route of behaviour, and therefore also the route to change for weight loss. A ‘given’ in this approach is the understanding (and the acceptance) of the idea that: ‘We do what we do, we believe what we believe, and we feel what we feel, because of the way that we think’. Without a change in thinking, there can be no change in belief. And without change of belief, there can be no change in behaviour. A belief is simply a thought that we have a lot.

I am here to help clients make quite fundamental changes in their behavior, and help them to develop new beliefs to ultimately be happier, healthier and achieve weight loss. This programme of weight loss is designed to help establish new and more helpful thinking models in my clients, which can lead clients to establish healthier beliefs upon which they can build new patterns of behaviour and achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle and weight loss.

It is very different from the ‘usual’ weight loss methods. With Hypnodieting we look closely at the exisiting relationship that you have with food and then address the issues that might prevent you from losing weight and keeping it off. We use a variety of techniques from mindfulness to hypnotherapy to support your weight loss programme.

The programme is in six sessions which would usually take up to two months; the sessions are one hour and would be every week or thereabouts.

To find out more please call for a free telephone consultation to start your journey to being healthier, happier and losing weight – a greater sense of well being.