Start today!

Life can sometimes feel like it is far too full and everyone else has it all sorted, anxiety sets in and before you know it you retreat from your life, why not think about each moment in the day as an opportunity to maintain and create balance.

Do you?

Feel overwhelmed by what is on offer?

Confused as to what to focus on in terms of alternative therapies?

Want to rebalance your life?

Want to feel empowered to live a better life?

Feel anxious and worried all the time?


Three tips to create balance:


Start of your day – have a routine that works for you that might include meditation, positive affirmations and journaling.


During the Day – when you might feel overwhelmed or stressed – do a three step breathing space or do some tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).


End of the Day – diffuse some essential oils to regain balance and lower stress, perhaps also doing a short meditation.


There are many tools that you might want to try and experience.   For the majority of the clients I work with they all have an overwhelming desire to be happier and flourish in their lives whatever that looks like. Often they might have anxiety and a constant feeling that they cannot be present in their own life.


By taking some simple steps each and every day you can create a more balanced approach to your life.

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