Educational Coaching Consultancy

If you rest, you rust

– Helen Hayes

Helen has been working in the field of Education for over twenty five years and has experience and specialization in the following areas:

  • 14-19 Strategy and Policy
  • Employer engagement – employability skills, transferable skills, skills for employment, work related learning, enterprise and work experience
  • Curriculum development and planning
  • Qualification development
  • Collaboration and Partnership Working
  • Continuing Professional Development and training
  • Coaching in Education
  • Partnership working
  • Progression
  • Skills Agenda and development
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Wellbeing for Staff and Pupils – Positive Psychology (including mindfulness, coaching, growth mindset, resilience, energy psychology)
  • Mentoring and coaching young people
  • Managing Change and Transition with students and staff
  • Research

All of these themes are considered within the environment of change and I can provide professional and practical solutions to your everyday needs. One of my key underpinning philosophies to our support is to also support a holistic approach to education.

We also provide education coaching for primary, secondary schools and other learning environments and this can include:

  • A student at any age
  • Teacher
  • Senior Teacher moving into their next role
  • Headteacher/Principal
  • Parents/carers trying to understand their child’s educational needs
  • We can also help clients find their next position whether that’s in education or another sector, exploring what further skills they might need and where they might need to focus in terms of skills development.
  • We provide Education Coaching through:
  • One-to-one coaching sessions which can include completing a psychometric test, the MTQ 48 (a Mental Toughness Questionnaire)
  • Workshops
  • Group coaching workshops for education staff, parents and/or young people