Coaching Young People

At the Gormley Green Group we provide solutions to energise, inspire and unleash your passion in your unique life. For young people we provide solutions to motivate them to live fulfilled enterprising and exciting lives with passion, empathy and a greater curiosity for life and learning. We want to harness their potential and show them that their goals are unlimited; we do this by totally believing in young people and their impact!

Our Seven Step Coaching Programme to Your Success is a self development programme for young people that will help to develop their well being, get the most out of their life whilst developing a holistic approach with the potential for extraordinary sustainable results. All of this will support their lifelong journey, acknowledging this is a developmental journey.

It is a programme to support young people in learning the skills they need to create a healthy, successful and balanced life for always.

We want to enthuse and inspire those within and beyond your world and the overall package is called ‘Be the person you want to be now in the future’, a practical guide for young people to help shape their destiny which is aimed at 14 year olds, school leavers and those beyond 19 years.

As with all our coaching programmes we can provide an integrated approach and include for example: Cognitive Behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP and EFT and we can also utilize psychometric tools eg. MTQ 48 and we can then focus on the outcomes which could range from aspirations, employability, self esteem to transition through individual coaching.


The programmes can be delivered:

  • One to One – in a learning environment or with young people directly.
  • Groups – of young people to suit individual needs.
  • Curriculum – embedded at any age
  • Training – learning professionals including teachers could develop core coaching skills to enable them to deliver the programmes as part of their various individual learning programmes.

The Benefits of our Programmes

  • The Seven Step Programme will help young people to achieve their GOAL
  • Gain a greater understanding of who you are and want to be
  • Outline the opportunities available to you and create a plan full of ideas and creativity
  • Allow yourself permission to explore the opportunities that are available
  • Love you and your life with energy and passion

It will focus on some key areas:

  • Purpose – achieve a greater sense of direction and application in their life – at a time of uncertainty and confusion
  • Confidence – understanding the importance of knowing who they are – when self esteem and confidence could be particularly low
  • Energy and Passion – to learn more and keep learning whilst also understanding what can and does provide energy and fulfilment – to ensure momentum is maintained and goals are achieved
  • Development – realisation of the importance of developing the right attitude and approach to their life, to others and society
  • Relationships – understanding the importance of developing connections with people within differing environments and at different ages
  • We provide real solutions to motivate young people to live fulfilled, enterprising and exciting lives with passion, empathy and a greater curiosity for life and learning.