New Year 2018 – is it time to reconnect with the true you?

  As we are into 2018, it seems a natural time to reflect on change and also to think about our year ahead. Today, many of us are experiencing rapid change, uncertainty and personal challenges in our lives. Some changes we might choose, such as finding a new job or home but others can be [...]

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Something from the Heart

Eating I write about many things and not usually about myself and my life but I was drawn to share this one from my heart and after meditating one morning I wrote this. Sitting In Poole on one Sunday with my father and he said ‘my mouth is difficult to open’ as a result of [...]

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How can you create balance in your day today?

  Start today! Life can sometimes feel like it is far too full and everyone else has it all sorted, anxiety sets in and before you know it you retreat from your life, why not think about each moment in the day as an opportunity to maintain and create balance. Do you? Feel overwhelmed by [...]

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Boundless Beauty Everywhere?

I am Helen, over seventeen years ago my Mum was given a short period of time to live after having a severe stroke in the days when individuals were not seen sometimes as quickly as they might be but lived for nearly six years fed through her stomach, paralysed and unable to speak. In that [...]

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