I am Helen, over seventeen years ago my Mum was given a short period of time to live after having a severe stroke in the days when individuals were not seen sometimes as quickly as they might be but lived for nearly six years fed through her stomach, paralysed and unable to speak. In that time my father nearly passed away a few times. I can vividly remember as Mum was wheeled into the ambulance and en route to the nursing home we passed the road of our family home she looked at me with fear and excitement and then we drove on to her new home which was a nursing home. She lived there for over five years! As a write this blog the memories seem so very real and vivid as if it was yesterday.

Fast forward to today and I am a now in an interesting transformational journey my father is terminally ill and I am a mother to a wonderful six year old daughter and I also wanting to turn pain into personal transformation. We have not long relocated from London to Poole and I also moved my father from London last year and then found out his cancer is now terminal whatever that means but he is being brave in living with cancer and fighting the disease which affects so many!

I took on a meditation practice over twenty years ago and some days I found it very painful to meditate but those were the days I needed it most. Needless to say Mindfulness is a key part of my life today. It is often challenging and resilience, flexible thinking and determination have been key and allowing myself to hold the conflicting emotions and awareness that is perfectly normal. Desire to be there and yet immense excitement about the new opportunities in a new environment by the sea. There have been periods of intense anxiety in my earlier years but now I know how to change my relationship with it so that I can flourish despite what is going on around me and live life to the full! Through my own journey I became an expert in these things and share my experiences.

Increasingly I have had to ramp up my own self care package. All the things that I have learnt and experimented with on my own journey both personally and professionally I now use to help others. Crisis does not have to take you under, tools can help manage these things and you can use it to make you stronger and rise.

Some of my steps: gratitude to focus on all the positives, self care ramp up looking after myself, my own self talk, my story but what next, boundaries to help protect my own wellbeing, being open to doing things differently all the time,

In my blogs I will be talking about transformation, mindfulness, dealing with loss, juggling life, self care, resilience, crisis, anxiety and overwhelm.  I will be launching a brand new programme so watch this exciting space.


  • Mindfulness
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Transition
  • Tools for Resilience
  • Tears
  • Kindness of Strangers
  • Fear
  • Illness
  • Being Human
  • Being Real
  • Overwhelm
  • Dying
  • Self Care

I write this to help others who are suffering and caring for someone with an illness whatever that might be or maybe just feeling alone.